ProcessMaker Scanning Plugin

Powered by DynamSoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN, this plugin enables users to scan documents directly from the browser into cases

Zero Code

Setup the plugin and get started without writing a single line of code. Just click and drag. It's that easy!

Loads of features

Simple and Straight-forward configuration

Easy to use

SIMPLE Administration

Configure the processes to use the plugin in the ProcessMaker Admin Settings. Manage your license and define which processes and fields you want to scan directly to.

Excellent Support

The plugin comes with a year's support and maintenance. Access our team support as you deploy the plugin in your environment.

Continuous Updates

Get access to new features and enhancements as they are released.

Streamline your Capture Processes

In the financial services industry and other industries, a lot of transactions still begin with the end-user filling out a document. KYC requirements also often require organisations to capture copies of their customers’ Identification, Certificates of Registration, sample signatures, affidavits and other documents to be compliant.

This leads to customer-facing officers switching between applications to capture the documents before proceeding with the transaction. manually attaching previously scanned documents sometimes leads to errors with the wrong document attached to a transaction or incomplete documentation. 

Eliminate these issues and inefficiencies by taking your Process Automation to the next level with our scanning plugin. Directly scan all required documents at the point of initiating the transaction. 

Use Cases


Capture account opening documentation, crop customer photos and signatures for signature mandates, capture identity documents and other KYC requirements as part of the Account Opening Process.

Funds Transfer

Capture copies of customer's Funds Transfer Instructions. This is especially useful when the transaction will be processes across multiple office locations.

Invoice Processing

Capture copies of vendor's invoices submitted for processing.