Software Development and Integration

When there is no ready-made solution and you just have to build something custom made for your business, we have you covered. We build and integrate across web, mobile and desktop using the best technology for the job.

Our Process

Ideate . Design . Build . Test . Launch . Support

It all begins with the right idea. Our solution architects and business analysts will help you refine your idea ensuring all bases are covered. Using our wealth of experience, we analyse and add value to your idea by helping you identify other things you might not have considered in bringing your idea to life. Next comes the design.

You won’t think of building a house without architectural drawings. Same applies to software. From the User Interface (what you see) and User Experience (how you interact with the application), to the backend components such as APIs and database, we will help you create a design that grows with your business.

Using the right technology for the task (yes, we have our preferred tools, but we are also pragmatic), we turn the designs to working software and our quality assurance team ensures that what is built works as expected. We also bring you along for the ride (also known as User Acceptance Testing). Once you’re happy, it’s time to go live. 

We help you launch your project and are on stand-by though out the roll-out ensuring things work smoothly. As is the nature of software, there will always be new things to add as business grows and your customers request new features. You can count on us to help you turn those ideas and requests to reality.

Agile Delivery

Our approach to software delivery is agile. We believe building software should be a collaborative effort between all stakeholders. 

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