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We are a forward-thinking Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) consulting firm. Our team is passionate about technology and we believe in its power to transform the way people work. We harness the power of Intelligent Process Automation to accelerate digital transformation and empower businesses to reach and surpass their goals.

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A Brief History

dipoleDIAMOND is an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) consulting firm with a mission to help businesses solve problems using today’s technology. Our goal is to be your preferred and trusted partner for process automation advice, talent and solutions.

Our Intelligent Process Automation offering is built around three practice areas – Business Process Automation (BPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In each of these practices, we work with leading OEMs such as ProcessMaker, UiPath and Microsoft to identify the right solution for our clients.

Since 2015, we have helped our clients like Access Bank, First Bank, AXA Mansard, Coronation Merchant Bank and others to deliver on their digital transformation goals through intelligent process automation. This has helped them reduce cost, gain new business insights, increase operational efficiency and employee productivity.

At, dipoleDIAMOND, we love technology and adopt a culture of continuous improvement to learn more about it and how we can use technology, especially as it relates to process automation to help our customers. We are always thinking,“ …how can technology help you?”

Our Story in Numbers

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Our Company

We are an IPA consulting firm that provides digital transformation solutions tailored to the needs of financial institutions and other businesses.

Since 2015, we have helped our clients reduce costs significantly, gain insights, and increase efficiency and employee productivity.


To be the preferred and trusted partner for technology talent and solutions for businesses of all sizes on the African continent and beyond.


To solve business problems with today's technologies.


In everything we do, we are guided by these principles

Our Philosophy

We believe great things are accomplished by highly motivated people and we have adopted these three elements of motivation as our guiding philosophy to work.


To do our best work with minimal supervision


To be better today than we were yesterday


To do work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

We are solution providers, we always find a way.

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