Our Products

We love to tinker, and as we help our clients automate their businesses, we build stuff other clients or even you might find beneficial to your business. Don’t be shy, look around and if you find something that interests you, reach out! 

Digital Assistant Chatbot

Powered by various Microsoft technologies, this DAC (deployed on MS Teams) enables Contact Center agents to seemlessly obtain information from several data sources while attending to customers' requests.

Procure-to-Pay Cloud Solution

A suite of business processes covering the entire procurement spectrum: built to digitally transform your procurement operations, and give your employees and vendors a sublime experience.

Scanning plugin setup

ProcessMaker Scanning Plugin

Powered by DynamSoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN, this plugin enables users to scan documents directly from the browser into cases.

Process map

PM 3 Starter Process Templates

A collection of ready-to-use business processes for ProcessMaker 3 to help you get started on your digital transformation journey.