ProcessMaker 3 Starter Process Templates

A collection of ready-to-use business processes for ProcessMaker 3 to help you get started on your digital transformation journey.

JumpStart Your Digital Transformation

You have heard all the stories of how businesses like yours are automating their business processes and seeing excellent returns on investments in terms of cost-savings, process efficiency, increased employee engagement and improved management insights.

You have also heard the sad tales of implementations that took months to get started. We want to help you avoid such tales. Our starter pack is a collection of business processes you can readily import into your ProcessMaker 3 on-premise installation and start rolling out to your people in matter of days instead of weeks or even months. 

Each process has been built from our experience spanning over a decade of designing and automating processes for organisations ranging from enterprises with tens of thousands of employees to small businesses with just a handful of employees. We also just don’t leave you to figure it out on your own. The processes come with 10 hours of professional services to help you set it up. Did we also mention that you get access to our support team? Yes, one year of support and maintenance. So, what are you waiting for?


Process map

Employee Leave Request

Employees fill out their leave application requests, number of available days and days taken can be validated. Optional features to require a hand-over note or delegate a relief officer. Automated notifications when the leave is approved.

Vendor Onboarding

Ensure you only make payments to vendors or service providers that have been registered with your business. Capture all details required for compliance and regulatory reporting such as Tax Identification Numbers. Now you can enforce company policy to only deal with company approved vendors.

Cash Advance and Expense Retirement

Track advances to employees and empower your employees to retire their expenses from the convenience of their mobile devices. Automatically compute if employees are owing the business or you need to reimburse them.

Cash Advance and Expense Retirement Process
Expense Payment Approval Process

Expense Payment

Ensure adequate controls are in-place when making payments. Track OPEX and CAPEX payments against an approved budget. Want to pay only pre-approves vendors? Link the process to the Vendor Onboarding process to ensure that. Amount above budget? We have you covered with an Extra-budgetary approval task.

Internal Memo Approval

A generic do all memo approval process. Lets you cut the amount of physical paper still flying around offices awaiting approvals and sign-offs. Simply fill out the memo details and send for approval.

Internal Memo Approval Workflow Process