Introducing Umsizi

[Your AI-powered Intelligent Digital Assistant Chatbot]

Umsizi represents a transformative leap forward in customer interactions and workforce efficiency. As your all-in-one Intelligent Digital Assistant, Umsizi redefines how businesses engage with customers and empowers work teams. Umsizi is your trusted partner for achieving customer satisfaction and optimizing operational excellence.


In this era of digital transformation, organisations have finally come to understand that it is a SMART MOVE to employ digital transformation tools that will either put them ahead, or at least make them stay competitive. Not only are Digital Assistants (chatbots) regarded as major tools for digital transformation; they’re also fast becoming an “essential”.

Powered by various Microsoft technologies and deployed on MS Teams, this employee-facing Digital Assistant Chatbot solution enables Contact Center (or Customer Service) agents to seamlessly obtain information from several data sources while attending to customers’ requests.

Digital Assistant


If Microsoft Teams is the official messaging, chat and collaboration platform for you organization, then you are good to go!

Simple and Straight-forward configuration

Easy to use

SIMPLE Administration

Configure the processes to use the plugin in the ProcessMaker Admin Settings. Manage your license and define which processes and fields you want to scan directly to.

Excellent Support

The plugin comes with a year's support and maintenance. Access our team support as you deploy the plugin in your environment.

Continuous Updates

Get access to new features and enhancements as they are released.

Streamline your Capture Processes

In the financial services industry and other industries, a lot of transactions still begin with the end-user filling out a document. KYC requirements also often require organisations to capture copies of their customers’ Identification, Certificates of Registration, sample signatures, affidavits and other documents to be compliant.

This leads to customer-facing officers switching between applications to capture the documents before proceeding with the transaction. manually attaching previously scanned documents sometimes leads to errors with the wrong document attached to a transaction or incomplete documentation. 

Eliminate these issues and inefficiencies by taking your Process Automation to the next level with our scanning plugin. Directly scan all required documents at the point of initiating the transaction. 

Use Cases


Capture account opening documentation, crop customer photos and signatures for signature mandates, capture identity documents and other KYC requirements as part of the Account Opening Process.

Funds Transfer

Capture copies of customer's Funds Transfer Instructions. This is especially useful when the transaction will be processes across multiple office locations.

Invoice Processing

Capture copies of vendor's invoices submitted for processing.

Benefits of a Digital Assistant (on Teams) Solution

Here are some of the benefits of employing a Digital Assistant (Chatbot) on Microsoft Teams

A one-stop shop for retrieving data

In order to retrieve information, an employee may have to log into one or more platforms, applications or databases of the Bank. A Digital Assistant Chatbot (on Teams) that can retrieve such information from the necessary sources becomes a one-stop shop where the employee can easily retrieve the needed information without needing to log into all the data sources one after the other

Data security and integrity is ascertained

A one-stop data retrieval shop guarantees that the employee will not log into the applications or databases in question to get the needed data, which in turn drastically reduces that the probability that the employee forgets to log out immediately from said systems to zero. Therefore, with a Chatbot (on Teams) solution, the risk of a data breach is non-existent

Fully operational off-site

Most applications and systems of the Bank that an employee works with, have to be accessed from within the Bank’s network, but not so with Microsoft Teams. A Chatbot (on Teams) allows the employee to easily work from anywhere and at anytime. You would agree that this is quite an advantage when employees have to work from home due to a pandemic or other unforeseen circumstances.

Reduced turnaround time

Traditionally, an employee typically logs on to several platforms and core-banking applications to fetch needed data or information so as to respond to the enquiries of another staff or department or customer. A Digital Assistant Chatbot (on Teams) simplifies such tasks/processes by assisting the employee retrieve the needed record(s) from one interface/application without wasting much time.

Improved staff productivity and efficiency

A Digital Assistant Chatbot (on Teams) reduces the rate at which a staff needs to provide passwords to gain access to several platforms, with one authentication method to gain access to the chatbot, it handles interfacing with those other platforms and authenticating to gain access in order to fetch data. Hence, leaving the staff with more time to worry about other significant tasks, in turn increasing work efficiency.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If a Chatbot (on Teams) solution is deployed and used for or within a customer-facing unit or process, employee efficiency and productivity will undoubtedly result in an increase in customer satisfaction