While recently signing up our company on a website, one of the fields to fill was a dropdown list of the name of the organisation. While scrolling through the list, I came across a name that struck me as odd. You guessed right. The name on the list was “Life is hard”.

I wondered to myself why anyone would give their company such a name. Sounded like going around as a single person looking for a partner and introducing yourself as “Heart Breaker”. I showed it to my colleague and as we talked about it, we decided to look up the company and we were pleasantly surprised. “Life is hard” was only the first part of the name, the full name of the company is “Life is hard — Work soft”.

Beyond being an ingenious name for a company — it’s definitely a name that would be easily remembered and it also gets the conversation going about what services the company offers — the name helped drive home the difficulty of getting work done in some organisations. One would think that with all the advances in technology, work would have improved, but if my experience this past week has been anything to go by, there are still places where work simply makes life harder.

It literally took us a whole week to install an application on a server (our project plan had the task duration as one day) and the time was not spent loafing around. Our project manager was darting around the organisation working to get it done, and the feedback we’ve received is that was a fast turnaround time.

One of the things, I have been reflecting on as I look to the future for my team is defining our raison d’etre. When I stepped out of full time employment to run my business, I didn’t have any lofty aspirations to change the world, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. One of my mentors had told me that the longer I stayed in paid employment and rose through the ranks, the harder it would get.

Now that we have had some degree of success, and continuing to grow our service offerings and clients, I am realizing a higher sense of purpose for the work we do at dipoleDIAMONDWe make work easier for our clients and their people. Life is hard enough as it is, and work should not make it harder.

We are not just deploying solutions for automating monotonous or manual business processes, we are ensuring that mother on your team can close early and get to see her kids before they go to sleep.

We are ensuring that new passionate employee you hired does not get discouraged by the bureaucracy of getting basic tasks done, but is rather liberated from chasing signatures across offices and can focus on innovative and creative work that increases your bottom line.

We are ensuring that knowing what’s happening in your business does not require people staying late, working overnight, poring over physical files and updating excel sheets to generate reports, rather you can have business intelligence reports that are updated in real time as the various processes in your business happens.

As we continue to evolve as an organisation, this is something that helps put the sacrifices we make to improve our skills and services into perspective. We realise that though it hurts and the goals seem impossible, there is a higher purpose to every line of code written, process designed and developed or robot deployed. Our purpose is to make your work life easier…

Image Credits: Business photo created by katemangostar — www.freepik.com