We’ve all been hearing about technology herein and there for a long time now, it’s basically the “new cool” but not everyone is embracing or harnessing the “new cool” for maximum efficiency or productivity. Same as the buzzwords “Industry 4.0”, “Industry 5.0”, and “Web 4.0” which all basically mean the period of technological revolution or cultural change by the impact of tech in the industry. It involves material or ideological changes caused by the introduction of a device or system that increases productivity and efficiency.

Tech revolution isn’t only limited to technical aspects or tech industry but basically as a shapeshifting change bringing about better productivity and efficiency in our lives.


As a business owner, you see and hear how tech businesses and startups emerge into the market with great ideas and you’re probably wondering or of the opinion that you can only grow big by being a tech company.

Ways Your Small Business Can Adopt Technology

You don’t have to be a tech company to be a Tech-driven company. This means as a business in any industry, you can make use of various simple and effective technologies such as software, tools, and apps that will help enhance your business.

Website Development


In this age, almost everyone owns a device that connects to the internet, and thanks to search engines like Google, and business & social platforms, most people’s first instinct to find a solution or need is going online for help. Therefore, to be visible and engaging to your potential customers, you need to have a dynamic business website that is enhanced for lead generation and not one that sits online as just an ordinary address on the web but websites that are integrated with chatbots and customer-support system that aids visitors across your website and helps them to communicate directly with you – the service provider.


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You think you’re a small team and don’t have much to worry about as long as you all can fit a round table, right? Well, you’re wrong. Have you ever wondered instances where you’re yet to get a good office space or you have remote/freelance team members? That’s where tech collaborating apps come into play to increase your team efficiency; apps like:

  • Slack – where you communicate and collaborate with your team on projects and information. Even well-structured businesses and organizations use Slack.
  • Basecamp – where you assign tasks, manage projects with team members and clients and monitor your team members work activity- or
  • 5 pm, Trello and Zoho projects and more…

With such collaboration web-based solutions and apps, you have your team working actively in one-place even when you are not all in one place.


From manual typewriter to computers

One of the challenges of a small business (with obviously a small team) is one person wearing one-too-many hats (multiple roles simultaneously) and you don’t have large resources so there’s bound to be mundane repetitive tasks like filling customer information or generating emails or particular information.

Not to worry, the use of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms like UiPath that help automate mundane repetitive tasks will help your small business offer more personalized experiences to customers, thereby maximizing employees time for other value-oriented tasks. Small businesses who don’t have the capital to purchase a yearly license for a software robot can lease robots from UiPath vendors who offer robot leasing services. Going this way, small businesses can have one or more robots as part of their workforce.

Paperless Workflow

© Processmaker

Is part of your business’s vision to be eco-friendly and reduce the amount of paper litter in the world? Or maybe you’ve just come to realize that the cost of purchasing paper for your business can really eat into your budget? Well, if so, you can adopt technology to save more by becoming a paperless organization with the use of Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow solutions like ProcessMaker which allows you to create processes within your small organization.

Solutions like ProcessMaker are easy-to-use robust technology that you can use to create simple and much-needed business processes like Employee Appraisal or Transport Expense processes for your business. It eliminates paperwork and reduces process times. Small businesses can go for the Community Edition package which will cost them nothing with respect to user license; the cost here is only tied to installation, development of process(es) and maybe, support services from a ProcessMaker vendor.

Worried about Implementation or Training for your team? You can check here on how dipoleDIAMOND helps small businesses embrace digital transformation with ProcessMaker.


It’s too late to sit on the fence at times like these that everyone and every business is leveraging technology, with the excuse of “we’re a small team, we’re growing”. Trying to reduce payroll or employee strength? You can outsource your internal IT needs by subscribing or contracting IT solution and consultancy firms like ours for your IT needs to transform your business digitally…Even up to your HR and accounting solution needs.

A team of 4,5 employees or more? Don’t waste any more time in scaling up if you haven’t harnessed the power of technology and have your business run using these tech solutions. Want to know how you can leverage further? See some of the services we offer at dipoleDIAMOND.

Begin your business transformation journey today!